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Diary entries of Jeremy Knapp Travelling from England to Australia in 1970 Thursday 5th of December 1970 I’m currently waiting on the dock, using my suitcase as a seat and my knee as a desk. It’s cold as usual however it feels colder near the water. We are leaving for Australia today, what my father’s says is our new and improved home. However I don’t want to leave, and repeating it on paper now just reminds me of the countless pleas which only resulted in my father punishing me via his belt. This place, this house doesn’t hold good memories for me. Constant order and ruling, my father governing every dimension of my life, until it’s the way he sees fit. In that aspect, leaving the house behind is of no worry to me, but it’s the town itself that I am afraid to leave behind. I am familiar with every inch of this place and I am intrigued by it, even though my father says it’s a ‘dead end town for dead end people’. Saying that before my mother passed would get him nothing but grief from her, but that time has long faded from his memory. My mother loved this place, and she taught me to do the same. She always told me that I wouldn’t find a place like it in the world, and I never thought I would have to. The thing I will never forget is Aldridge Street. Aldridge Street was unnecessary, linking one side of Kent…show more content…
Aldridge Street on the boat. It’s small and dark and smells of algae and rust. It’s like a basement of sorts, filled with old junk I’m guessing people left on board on previous journeys. I connect to it like I did Aldridge Street because no one seems to know about it. It’s a temporary safe haven for the next three weeks. It is filled ankle deep with water, which doesn’t bother me. It actually seems to remind me that there is a place outside this ship. My father is drunker now then he was at the beginning, which is hard to believe as he could even walk a straight line just hours after boarding. So he hardly realises that I’m gone most of the

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