Body Mass Index

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BMI is the acronym for Body Mass Index. The idea behind this is to measure the health of a person based off of their height and weight. The formula for BMI in my case would be BMI=[weight / height squared] times 705 BMI=[240 / 72^2]*705 . BMI= [240 / 5184]*705 BMI= [0.0462]705 BMI=32.6 My BMI came out to 32.6 which rounds up to 33. There are several categories that your score could put you in. Those are underweight, which is less than 18.5, normal, which is 18.5-24.9, overweight which is 25-29.9, obese, which is 30-39.9, and 40+ is extremely obesity. I fall into the obesity range. This is a little surprising to me because I thought I would have scored lower being that I do walk about 6 miles a day 6 times a week. This is not exercise that I get up to do but due to my job. So I guess that the problem is my diet. So I guess this means I need to implement a plan to eat better. My eating plan will now consist of foods that are better for my health. For breakfast, I will skip the pancakes, no matter how delicious and fluffy they will appear, and reduce my meal to three egg whites with a piece of whole grain toast, a banana and orange juice. For a snack after that, I will enjoy an apple and a bottle of water. Lunch will include grilled chicken over a salad with a very low fat dressing. I will have some unsweet tea with a lemon. Snacking after that would include a sugar free yogurt with another bottle of water. Dinner would include eight ounces of salmon with some vegetables and brown rice with no butter or salt. Top that off with some unsweetened decaf tea and you can rest well that you have had a very nutritious day. Being that I do walk at work so much, I will focus on other exercises to end my day. I am not too self-motivated to work out on my own, so I would head down to the YMCA and join the insanity group and do my exercises there. I have a
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