Problem &Solution Essay Over Food Stamps

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Dear Nation, Did you know that one third of tax payers money was used for Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program also known as SNAP formally known as food stamps. In 2009 they gave $4.6 billion in food stamps to over 43 million people. More that 14% of these people are not even eligible to participate in this program but find ways to any way. I believe that families that do not deserve this service should not get and the families that do deserve it are getting to much. A family of four on average gets $668 a month to spend on food. And the families get even more money if they have a disabled person in there house. Disability does not have an affect on you to eat more food it has an affect on you wear you can't work so I believe you should not get that much money. This problem will cause more people to become obese, more payment methods for drug use, and disincentive to work. These problems can be fixed by doing some things like restrictions, monitoring, and SNAP rules and regulations be revised. First off, food stamps allows more people to become obese. Food stamps does not have any guide lines on nutrition. This means that families can by unhealthy foods like cookies, donuts, and soda. Also food stamp participants can use there food stamps to buy food from McDonald's. Things like this can cause cavities. So then the family will have to use their medical card to pay for the medical bill which will then cost the tax payers even more money. But this problem can be fixed by limiting what these people can buy. Next, people can sell their food stamps to buy drugs. This can cause people to die. Also it can cause the kids to go Hungary because the parents sold all the food stamps. I believe no kid should go hungry. 23% of people who receive food stamps trade it off to buy drugs. Almost 40,000 people die from drugs Every year this is starting to make people use

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