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After seeing, “Super Size Me,” it has shown me the devastating effects of excessively eating fast food. The documentary shows Morgan Spurlock was made to show the increasing spread of obesity throughout the United States society. Many lawsuits were brought against McDonald’s for increase in obesity. In “Super Size Me”, Places like McDonald’s, Burger King, and Wendy’s also advertise toys that are included in kid’s meals to cause children to want to get those meals rather than something healthier. The increasing spread of obesity has become an epidemic and if Americans do not change their eating habits it will greatly effect the world to come. The guidelines that Spurlock followed were very simple and very interesting for me. The first rule was that he had to eat three McDonald’s meals a day. This for me would have been a…show more content…
I found that this was interesting because I did not know that on average only 7.6% of adults between the ages of 19-23 get the recommended 60 minutes of physical activity per day. This would explain why 60% percent of all Americans are either overweight or obese. After the thirtieth day of Morgan Spurlock’s experiment, he had gained 24.5 pounds and increased his overall body mass by 13%. After stopping his experiment, it took several months to lose all of the weight that he had gained and to return to a normal healthy weight. I believe that although this experiment was very helpful it would have been scary for to have “catastrophic liver damage” or to be overweight because it would cause your heart to work harder and cause it to wear out faster. After watching, “Super Size Me”, I found that this video was very interesting and there for it was easy to watch the documentary as well as write a reaction paper about it. It is something that is a major problem in the United States and I enjoy watching and learning about

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