Three Day Food Intake Research Paper

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Three-Day Food Intake Christina Gates SCI/220 October 22, 2012 Vicki Clithero Three-Day Food Intake The food intake for the three days I wasn’t aware of the amount of lipids that I took in. I just ate and drank whatever to monitor my usual diet. Proteins mostly came from the meat like the chicken patty, country fried steak, teriyaki chicken, bratwursts, eggs, and bacon. Most of everything that I had consumed had some sort of protein in the nutrition facts such as my instant mash potatoes has 2g worth of protein. Carbohydrates were in the sodas, mash potatoes also, toast, green beans, potato salad, bake beans, soba noodles, macaroni salad, and fried rice. Just about every food you eat has some sort of carbs. Lipids are also everywhere something is always made out of sugars, oils and fatty product. Most of the lipids intake was in the production of the food, based on the sauce they were in like the teriyaki sauce for my lunch on Sunday, the brown sugar in the bake beans, and lipids are in instant mash potatoes because I used butter. When I noticed my…show more content…
Carbohydrates are 190g that is in the recommended portions for my body. 89g are my fatty food intake, which is above recommended range, which is higher then, normal. I knew my lipids intake was high because I drink a lot of sodas. I was surprise with the proper protein intake according to the DIR, along with my carb intake. Protein is in the acceptable macronutrient distribution, but the carbohydrate acceptable macronutrient is under. The total fat is way over acceptable macronutrient. I would give up most of my soda and try to cut back to one a day and try out some healthier snack food. Hopefully giving up my snacks and sodas intake would be enough to get my lipids into the recommended range. Raise my starch and eat more noodles and potatoes without the butter and salt. Add healthier starches into my

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