Blue Funk Sound Machine

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The world is comprised of many discourse communities. These communities take place in our homes, schools, businesses, churches, playing fields and even our own backyards. For the purpose of this essay, I define a discourse community as a belief system of a particular group of people. In the discourse community, I call Blue Funk Sound Machine we learn to entertain others with the sound of music. We give people worlds of music to escape to per say. The purpose of Blue Funk Sound Machine discourse community is to entertain and instill a sense of togetherness within a group. In Blue Funk Sound Machine, I have learned how I can efficiently entertain a crowd through rigorous hours of training and careful planning. Training and planning played a huge role in Blue Funk Sound Machine’s success. Practice was our backbone to how effectively we played on one accord. I learned how to stick together chanting in unison “one sound, one band”. I learned the ins and outs of togetherness and teamwork, without these ingredients, we gelled less as a band. When I endured my rigorous training of marching nineties and running up and down bleacher stands repeatedly, it gave me a chance to become stronger and a lot more disciplined. We all became stronger to the point we were begging to do workouts. We craved the strength and the lesson it taught; “no one left behind we are one we are one,” we sang in unison as we trained. At the end of planning and training, we would come together and reflect on practice, share with each other the experiences had, set up our next meeting and then depart for the day. Typically, when talking with a blue funk member or instructor we are sharing ideas, swapping techniques, learning new techniques, or going over the routine and practicing the field show. A typical conversation goes as follows. Master Drill: Everyone get out their sheet music and report to
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