Weightroom Safety Essay

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Kyle Goff INTRODUCTION As a personal trainer, when I speak with other people in my field we often discuss training programs and methods, exercises, and how to motivate people. However, the biggest and most shameful void in my profession is that of injury prevention. When I am personal training people in the weight room, I have one on one time with that person to show them proper form and technique. I give all new clients an orientation and make it a point to let them know when their form is incorrect no matter how experienced they are. However, as a group fitness instructor it is much harder to do this in a class setting. I often have classes of all experienced, fine tuned lifters with the exception of one or two. I cannot stop the entire class for the sake of one or two. When I have limited time in a fast paced class, it is hard to teach people on the move. Athletic injuries, particularly in the weight room, are not given enough attention. I feel, as a personal trainer, I am one of the people responsible for making safety a bigger concern and raising awareness. PROBLEM/PURPOSE My article is titled, “Being safe in the weight room: proper supervision and correct form are critical in keeping athletes safe.” One of the articles main examples of safety neglect is an injury that happened in late September 2009 when University of Southern California senior running back Stafon Johnson suffered a traumatic injury to his throat and neck while completing bench pressing. The 275 pounds fell on Johnson’s throat as he was trying to complete the rep. This led to seven hours of surgery to repair his trachea. Johnson was being spotted by an assistant strength and conditioning coach who grabbed the bar after it bounced off of his throat or his injury could have been much worse. At the time, Johnson’s injury seemed out of the ordinary. The video became a YouTube sensation. While

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