Billy Joel: An Authentic Artist

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Charles Meagher III Dr. Harris Clare 110-12 30 August 2012 Billy Joel an Authentic Artist? What defines an authentic artist? Is being an authentic artist based off ones opinion or rather off the originality and meaning towards each piece of music? Billy Joel spent his whole life following his dream, to be a professional musician. He spent day after day practicing, working harder and harder trying to better himself. When he finally accomplished his dream he never stops trying. One can really tell by listening to his music that Billy Joel put his whole heart and soul into his music, and in my opinion that what makes him truly authentic. William Martin "Billy" Joel was born May 9, 1949. He is an iconic and authentic pianist, song writer.…show more content…
He worked hard and used his talent to follow his dream. Some say that to be authentic you must be genuine, original, the real thing, In my opinion Billy Joel is all of those things. He is genuine by creating music that are a result of experiences, and moments in his life that are meaningful. A clear example of this would have to be the song "Piano Man" , one can really tell that he is making references to his life in the piano bar on Wilshire boulevard. Joel used his music to become new and original, he was on of the few to mix his music with rock and new wave genres. Finally I believe Billy Joel was with out a doubt the real thing. As read earlier Billy took the risk and dropped out of High school to chase a dream, he chased this dream and never gave up. Billy pushed himself all the way to the top where he couldn't go any higher. It was Billy's hard work and originality that really helped show how authentic Billy Joel really is. Billy Joel lived a long fulfilling career. He used his authenticity to push his career to the next level. One might believe that Billy Joel's authenticity is what gave his music that special touch that allowed people to better understand where he is coming from. If it wasn't for his originality I personally believe that his career as a whole wouldn't have been as successful and possibly short lived. So if anyone ever asked me if I believed Billy Joel to be an authentic musician my answer would indubitably be

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