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My influential person who has changed my life is my good friend, producer, and mentor and business partner, Andrew Rudolph (also known as super producer Lou Black). It is funny that we met almost ten years ago and are still doing the same things that initially brought us together, music; and it seems as if we have known each other and been at this forever. He and I share the same passion for our music, it is like when we vibe together, we become creative as one with our ideas. Musically I felt that I was unstoppable until I met Lou. For me to best describe him, I can just say that he is a little older than me, and it should be safe to also say that he is a bit wiser than me as well. First off, he helps me see things and understand them for what they are really worth. He is also the type of person who will never quit until the goal is accomplished, and his dedication is a valuable asset. Being an artist and trying to break into the music industry, requires a lot of time and effort to achieve goals or even come close to reaching them. Over the years, I have received hands on life lessons about any and every situation that I have encountered or been puzzled by. Our relationship started off as just friendship, but with time it eventually grew to the present stage. In my younger days, I was a very rebellious, hard headed, and boldly reluctant to listen to any insight that others had to offer. My friend Lou was one of those people whom I did not consider in taking the simple words of encouragement and capitalizing on because in my situation I felt that no one could help me and that eventually I would be where I wanted to be very soon. He would give me insight in writing down my material, critique my music, and also give me a step by step layout of how I should do things, but with me being me, I rarely took advantage of that opportunity. To be honest I had all of the

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