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This is a report of the song, THE END OF THE ROAD. This song was song by the group BOYZ 2 MEN. The song was composed by Kenneth ‘’Baby face’’ Edmonds. The lyrics were written by Kenneth and L.A. Reid. End of the road was originally recorded for the soundtrack movie for Eddie Murphy motion picture Boomerang. This song was also recorded in 1992, in Motown studios. There are many different music elements that make end of the road a beautiful piece. END OF THE ROAD is a slow tempo piece of music. Every time I listen to this song I always think of my pass relationships, and the problems we have went through. I also like the cords they put together when they made this song. Every dude in the group has a different type of voice, and cover different parts in the song. My favorite person in the group would have to be Shawn; he is the one that carries the high notes in the group. There group is really one of a kind, and I never heard a group that can sing the way they can before. The lyrics by Kenneth and L.A Reid was written for a movie, but end up blowing up to be one of the best r&b songs ever written. End of the road set the record of 13 weeks on the charts beating Elvis Presley record. To me lyrics are telling a girl even though we have broke up, I still have love for you. There also pouring out there heart trying to get the girl back because they can’t live without her. The lyrics are very emotional, and fall under the category under romance. It was 3 members In BOYZ 2 MEN. Wanya Morris, born July 29, 1973, is a founding member of legendary R&B group Boyz II Men. Wanya, together with Shawn Stockman, and Nathan Morris (no relation) formed Boyz II Men as students at the prestigious Philadelphia High School for Creative and Performing Arts. Shawn, born in Philadelphia on September 26, 1972 has helped to make Boyz II Men the best-selling

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