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Bruce Springsteen Bruce was one of the most popular American singer, songwriter, and guitarist. Bruce was known as “The Boss” by his fans, and to them he was the most dynamic and energetic performers in rock music. His songs contain a traditional rock ‘n’ roll theme that involves youth’s desire for independence and love of cars. Bruce’s best songs deal with economic and political issues going on during his time, and these depressing issues is what made Bruce on of the greatest. Bruce was born 1949 in Freehold, New Jersey. He was the first child and only son of Adele and Douglas Springsteen. Springsteen's childhood was "oppressive," and that "his relationship with his father was very fragile. In addition, Springsteen hated school, and often endured the wrath of the nuns who were his grade school teachers. Music was an escape for Bruce, and he was inspired to pursue a career in music after seeing Elvis and the Beatles on The Ed Sullivan Show. He taught himself to play the guitar, and when he was 16; his mother took out a loan to buy him a guitar for Christmas. During Bruce Springsteen concerts, he would express feelings about his family and the problems he endure during childhood. Basically he used memories from childhood and current issues to write his music. One of the best songs he ever wrote was “Born to Run”. The song leads in with an epic and iconic drum roll into blending of a saxophone run and keyboards. The band wastes no time getting to the lyrics brought to life by Springsteen’s husky voice, drawing you into the story he has planned for you within the next four and half minutes. The song has a strong…show more content…
Bruce used family history, political issues, and economic issues to write his songs. His music attracted a young audience when he first started out because that exactly who he was a young kid full of fire. Source

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