Beatles Vs Mozart

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Cassandra Reed November 10, 2010 Kristen Gray English 1010T Compare/Contrast: The Creative Lives of the Beatles and Mozart. I hereby certify that the following document was drafted by me in accordance with the policies and rules governing student conduct promulgated by the College of Southern Maryland. Signed:______________________________ 1 If you grew up in the early 1960’s, your parents were no doubt reminding you that the world will always remember Mozart, but the Beatles are a passing fad. When you grow older, you will probably forget whom they were. Indeed, that was the case with my Father, whose famous line after seeing them on the Ed Sullivan Variety Show was, “They will never last”. Of course, I had to laugh a few years later when I heard my Dad humming the song “Michelle” by The Beatles. Needless to say, both have survived the passage of time, and their music has endured. Though there are many differences in the creative lives of The Beatles and Mozart, when compared, even the most ardent music fan would be surprised to learn of the similarities that they also share. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was one of the most innovative musical composers and performers of his time. He was an inspired composer, who would work ardently to produce music from within. It was as if he could not help himself; his passion and drive were unrivaled. His Father, who recognized the uncanny musical ability of his son, pushed his talents among the aristocrats, where he was often hired to compose works privately. His astuteness with his son’s abilities made him the 18th century equivalent of a modern day pop star (Bazza). With the absence of recorded music, Mozart played small concert halls, opera houses, and churches, never able to have the mass appeal that we recognize today. Despite the popularity of his music and the volumes of work he created, Mozart died

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