Maestro Oral Speech (Sucess and Failure) N

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In the novel maestro, Peter Goldsworthy takes us on a journey. A journey that leads us through Paul Crabbe’s first love, musical hurdles, successes, and failures and of courses his relationship with his piano teacher, Herr Eduard Keller. As the novel continues we are slowly guided through the experiences he undertook which shaped the man he became, experiences of which were both successes and failures. Paul’s musical talent: Regarding success, there were many throughout the novel. One of the major factors of success was Paul’s ability to be technically perfect as a pianist. He grew up as an only child with two parents whom had an immense passion for music. This allowed him to devote a lot of time mastering the piano. As a 15 year old he was already technically perfect whilst playing the intricately famous Beethoven, but it wasn’t always enough. Although Paul wanted to become a great musician like Keller, he failed. He failed because he couldn’t quite get there; he was not able to play the way Keller was trying to teach him. He was too arrogant and self-righteous to listen and take in what Keller was trying to preach. Not only this, but Paul just wasn’t “talented”, technically perfect yes, but not talented or passionate in the way he needed to be to reach his lifelong dream. Consequently, Paul ultimately falls short in his quest for perfection. He achieves mediocre results in competitions in his later years, and instead of becoming a concert pianist, he becomes a piano teacher at a middle-rate school. As Keller had said to him, “the difference between a good pianist and a great pianist is very little” and Paul is unable to achieve that extra little. Paul relationship with keller: The nature of relationships often see people change, for the better or the worse. The novel explores the ability of relationships to develop people and allows them to recognise who

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