Mj: Michael Jackson Or Michael Jordan

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M.J.: Michael Jackson or Michael Jordan In popular culture, people use abbreviations to make subjects easier to remember. But, one in particular has people guessing which person it stands for. That is M.J., which could refer to either Michael Jackson or Michael Jordan. Some say one or the other deserves the reference, but both of them are similar in various ways even with having different professions. Michael Jackson is titled the greatest entertainer, while Michael Jordan is titled the greatest basketball player. Despite their contrasting careers, both Jackson and Jordan can share the abbreviation because of their dedication to their career, accomplishments, and influence on the younger generation. First of all, Michael Jackson and Michael Jordan were commented on about their hardworking standards for their careers. Michael Jackson was said to lock himself away when writing music and spent numerous hours perfecting his dance moves. As Jackson became more interested in making music videos for his songs, he started being extremely serious about the work he would put into the videos before they were seen. This dedication would go the same with his live shows and worldwide tours. Identically, Michael Jordan demonstrates the same kind of hard work for his basketball career. Jordan spent many hours at practice with his team and even alone. At some point, Jordan would be sick and would be advised not to play a game, but his determination prevented him from sitting a game out. Although both of them pursued different careers, they have an equal amount of dedication to what they do. With this in mind, Michael Jackson and Michael Jordan are famous for the achievements they earned in their lifetime. For Jackson, his music went on to make record-setting sales and raised millions of dollars in charity funds. He also received humanitarian awards from organizations, such
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