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A – Pop culture Summary of the text ‘The commitment to Pleasure’ ‘The Commitment to Pleasure’ is an essay by Hanif Kureishi in ‘Collected Essays’ from 2011. The Essay is about Kureishi who takes his twin sons to a concert with the Black Keys. It is a great experience for his sons and he recognizes the excitement from his young days. Especially a quote from Jann Wenner comes up in his head. It tells the truth, music is the truth. Kureishis memories bring up this discovering in the middle of the concert. Pop culture is about enjoyment and pleasure through the simple and direct composition which makes it easy to understand and relate to. Pop culture bases on an unusual identification which builds on creativity instead of hatred, religion and democratic. Pop culture is art that doesn’t develop. It stays classic and straightforward. An outline on the attitudes to pop culture Text 1 refers pop culture to art that is acknowledging the truth. The lively, gifted and attractive people go into it. Hanif Kureishi sees pop culture as a history that keeps on going. It is a mix of senses that will keep living inside of bodies and it will always change generation because of the compositions that remains simple and direct. Text 2 looks a whole different way on pop culture. The pop culture’s development takes away the pleasure of pop according to Mike Stock. In the 80’s pop culture was fun listening and singing along and it never over-steppes the mark. A lot of things have happened since then and the fact that sex is being used to sell music bothers Mike Stock, especially because it is used to sell music to children. He blames the broadcasters for the continuing development. He wants them to create a straight line that deselect the mucky lyrics and light dressed role models. Text 3 explains why Lady Gaga is a feminist icon. The text present pop culture as the remedy for

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