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The fashion designer that inspires me the most is Betsey Johnson. Betsey Johnson is a designer who started out as a dancer and was inspired by the costumes to start designing. All of Betsey’s clothing are funky, out there things that you would only see from her. Betsey Johnson shows through her clothing that it is ok to just be yourself. Betsey Johnson through hard work and many ups and downs has carved herself a permanent name in fashion. Betsey Johnson was born in Wethersfield Connecticut on August 10, 1942. As a young child Betsey was a dancer who was very inspired by the costumes they wore. She started her college studies at Pratt University but graduated from Syracuse University. After college in 1964 she won a chance to be a guest editor for Mademoiselle Magazine. The magazine sent her to London where she was greatly inspired by the different styles that filled the city. In 1965 she became the in house designer for the boutique Paraphernalia. In 1969 she opened her own boutique called Betsey Bunky Nini. In 1979 she took control of a label called alley cat. In her first year, her first collection for Alley Cat reportedly did $5 million in volume. In 1972 she won the Coty Award. In 1978 Betsey started a second line which was a failure and put her in debt so she opened a store to sell the clothes to get her out of debt. In 1999 she won a timeless talent award. In 2002 Betsey was diagnosed with breast cancer. She is now an 11 year survivor. She is involved in many charities as a spokesperson. She also has a line of clothing that says “I’m a survivor.” In 2007 she got an award for being designer of the Year. In 2009 she got a medal of honor for lifetime achievement in fashion. Betsey’s style can best be described as avant-garde. She uses absolutely everything in her designs. A few things she is famous for are her space age silvery

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