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Anna Higgie is a contemporary artist and illustrator, living and working in Barcelona. Anna’s portraits is not your everyday portrait, all though you will also find more conventional portraits in her portfolio. But these portraits are definitely my favorites. Here she shows us a visual deconstruction. Slicing, splitting and fragmenting her subjects, and using the abstract visual illusions of Op Art.

Fashion illustrator, Anna Higgie, mixes contemporary art with vintage influences and enjoys the act of illustrating fashion more than the actual garment itself. Higgie has always been drawn to fashion imagery. “I think that some of the most interesting art in the world right now can be found on catwalks and in the pages of fashion magazines. It’s not recognized by everyone as a serious art form but personally I have always found great inspiration, drama and beauty in the world of fashion”

-Bold and uniquely graphic style

-work focuses on the portrait, in abstraction and elegance. Stark contrast, fractured space, and meticulous mark-making are a few elements present in her work. This Barcelona based illustrator's drawings are collages of deconstructed portraits and pencil-drawn and Pantone black monochromatic patterns collaged together creating works for fashion, editorial and high-end magazines as well.

-I like how Anna Higgie ensures the pencil sketched image is explicitly to the forefront of her illustrations as you can almost feel the texture of the lead against the paper. Her images though softly outlined are graphic and veer towards mixed media art in places. Her focus lies on the portrait as her subject envelops the page.


- Expresses it with contrasting portraits, spaces that are deconstructed and reassembled in kaleidoscopic collages.

- Anna Higgie’s drawings cast as in-depth eye over the faces she portrays.

- The

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