Beowulf: The Epic Hero

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A Larger Than Life Hero In the epic poem, “Beowulf,” Beowulf is a larger than life character who embodies the characteristics of an epic hero perfectly. With his unfailing self confidence and great physical strength, Beowulf always represents good and will forever be important in the history of his people. As an epic hero, Beowulf is able to use his super human strength and courage to put others before himself. In lines 678 – 687 Beowulf says, “I could kill him with my sword; I shall not, easy as it would be. This fiend is a bold and famous fighter, but his claws and. scratching at my shield, his clumsy fists beating at my sword blade, would be helpless. I will meet him with my hands empty- unless his heart fails him, seeing a soldier waiting weaponless, unafraid. Let God in His wisdom extend His had where He wills, reward whom He chooses!” It is no secret that Beowulf kills Grendel with his bare hands. He had the courage to go up against this monster without any weapons and he had the power to defeat him. The epic hero is also someone who is extremely self confident and someone who always represents good. Beowulf assured king Hrothgar of his bravery and strength by boasting of his heroic actions in lines 406 – 425. Beowulf says, “Hail, Hrothgar! Higlac is my cousin and my king; the days of my youth have been filled with glory. Now Grendel’s name has echoed in our land: sailors have brought us stories of Herot, the best of all mead halls, deserted and usless when the moon hangs in skies the sun had lit, light and life fleeing together. My people have said, the wisest, most knowing and best of them, that my duty was to go to the Danes’ great king. They have seen my strength for themselves, have watched me rise from the darkness of war, dripping with my enemies’ blood. I drove five great giants into chains, chased all of the race from the earth. I swam in the

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