Theme Of Leadership In Beowulf

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Leadership in Beowulf Leadership is one of the themes we see in the epic Beowulf. We see it in the character of Beowulf. He portrayed many aspects of a leader and guided his fellow warriors and people down the right paths. To be a leader one must portray heroism. Beowulf is the prime example of a leader. From a youthful warrior to an aged king, he led hoards of men into battle and showed them how to fight with honor. Beowulf was a revered warrior. He was known for his bravery and his strength. “There was no one else like him alive. In his day, he was the mightiest man on earth, highborn and powerful.” (Lawall 1184) But even more than that he was a hero; a hero to his own people and to others. This was a great accomplishment because during this time period there was more grief, war, and strife happening than there was kinships being formed. This is evident in the epic when Beowulf makes the arduous journey across the sea to offer his help to the Danes in the fight against the…show more content…
Beowulf repeatedly showed the nature of his character. He was selfless in helping the Danes. He never set out on a mission that he didn’t accomplish. He was selfless when he fought the dragon to defend his people. The good nature of his character is evident in his accomplishments and in his manners. Beowulf was a loyal and courteous warrior and he continued to exemplify those traits in his fifty years as king of the Geats. To be a leader is not to just have followers. A leader has to be able to lead those followers. A leader must be able to teach those followers. Beowulf was a leader among leaders. He showed time and again in this epic that he was a hero able to accomplish peace and honor those among him. He had a sense of responsibility that came from his strength and the respect others gave him. He was a selfless man, warrior, and king all men revered and looked to in the worst of times and I am sure in the best of

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