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Beowulf is one of the first epic poems known to man actually its the oldest living piece of literature in the English language, the epic is about Beowulf (the main character of the epic) going and helping the Danes kill the monster that has been causing havac of the hall Harot known as Grendel, a favor for a favor after the king of the Danes Hrothgar paid beowulfs dads wereguild, now its time for Beowulf to return the favor. The Character of Beowulf is the first real hero known to man so he is astonishing in every asspect physically and mentally and thats why hes the leader of the Geats. The character that I will be comparing is Hercules. Beowulf and Hercules are one of the strongest heros to ever be created with similar traits, but though…show more content…
Beowulf has to fight a monster known as Grendel a monster that has been causing all sorts of hell to the Danes, then after he fights Grendel with no weapons or cloths, he has to fight Grendels mother then he fights a huge dragon. both are physically spectacular shown by Beowulf when he was racing Breca in chain mail and a one handed sword then is attacted by nine sea monster and kills all of them but sadly loses the race, and for Hercules he shows his physical power when as a baby two snakes where thrown in his crib and instently he grabbed them and tied them into a knot together. They both both ride horses, Hercules rides Pegasus, Beowulf's horses name isn't revealed. both have a sword to, beowulf has long hair and so does hercules showing that having long hair is a key to being a…show more content…
Hercules has a mother but she is the one that tried to kill him when he was a baby, and beowulfs mother is not mentioned in the epic which leads to believe that in order to be great hero a mother figure musn't be in the picture. in Hercules story he falls in love with a girl, almost kills himself for her by going into the lake of death where all the dead souls are. And Beowulf dosent have a girl he is is love with or any girl that he falls in love with he has no distractions, Hercules dosent really know how to control his massive streghth as a teenager shown by knocking over all the beams in his village and no one wanting to play with him because he causes so much damage, Beowulf does know how to use and control his power using it when necacary hes not known as a cluts, Hercules for the most part fights everything one on one, Beowulf has a group of tweleve men to help him fight Grendel in Harot. Partying and getting drunk is a theme in beowulf and in Hercules those arn't a theme. Hercules has a childhood that is told and shown, Beowulf does not have one that is mentioned in the epic. Hercules has a mentor a little boar or warthog, that

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