Ender And The Odyssey Character Analysis

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Ender and Odysseus In this a novel Enders game written by Orson Scott Card is about a young boy who is trained by a group of adults to fight one big battle against the army of buggers. Also the odyssey written by homer is an epic poem about a man on a journey with his men trying to get home after 10 years at war. Ender is a 6 year old genius. Although he is intelligent doesn’t mean that he has tack. He has always had it out for Bernard. He hacked into his computer and broke his arm. Maybe with a little guilt but satisfaction. Enders mind thinks different than all the others. Even he is a little evil inside. In the quote, “ender felt the fear growing in his belly. The kid whose arm he broke, ender didn’t feel sorry” (41). He proves here…show more content…
he went home but found that the beggars were there keeping his wife in until they killed her husband. So he decides to pretend he is one of the suiters and competes to be with the wife. His wife would only pick the man who can do the thing her husband can do. She had no idea it was her husband in the running , neither did the suitors that is proven when they say “you nosing rat / making your pitch to everyone”(line 1213-1214). He was just one of the others. On his journey to get home he meets two strange obstacles, Scylla and Charybdis. Scylla is a giant sea monster on the right side and Charybdis is a huge whirlpool on the left. Here he says, “'Is there no way,' said I, 'of escaping Charybdis, and at the same time keeping Scylla off when she is trying to harm my men?” (line 1114-1115) Odysseus is stuck in the middle but then decides to be a brave soul and kill Scylla but in the process he jumped to a branch and held himself there until his stuff came back up from Charybdis. Here we find that not all our heroes will do something heroic. Ender and Odysseus both had to kill and injure people to win or get past obstacles that come in their life. Ender fought all his games and won. He proved them wrong by winning the battle against the buggers, he’s now in control. Odysseus no longer will be chased or wanted. He saw the suitors but instead of killing them he recruited them into an army to go kill

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