Becoming American Essay

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Becoming American Summary Dinesh D’Souza plants a strong point in his essay that he believes that the search for better life does not have to do fully with economical reason, but also it comes from dreams and beliefs a person may have for that better life. He also uses the essay to try to defend America from the talk about immigration only being for money. The reason people immigrate to America for the hopes of “Becoming American” is more about the way the life they have before in other countries. The hardships which include overcrowded transportation, pollution, unsafe drinking water, lack of education for children, and corrupt governments are a reason people look to America for a better life. And citizenship. The way that the media presents America is that everyone here has have large homes, televisions and vehicles, and even the lower classes are well off. In America not many people are in danger of not eating and starving that there is always food to buy or eat. D'Souza continues his essay by explaining in America having more money than someone else does not make you higher than others around you with less money. He says that in America social equality attainable than in India and other countries. He makes the point that America has the best economic opportunities, and a better life, but that there is more to what makes America appealing. The author explains that by coming to America, he had the opportunity to experience new ideas, and ways of thinking. He first describes college and continues by saying some of his early employment positions at the Washington Post and as senior domestic policy analyst for President Reagan. That in the United States one could become whatever they would like and do any job they would like if they worked for it. In other countries many cultures have fixed marriages, that in America he was able to find a wife of his own without
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