Is America Superior To Other Nations?

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America offers more opportunity and hope for humanity, should this make us superior to other nations? Are our constitutional ideals that are focused on political values and economic freedom giving us the high chair against these other countries? We would wish to think so. The nation we live in gives us the right to be involved in the government publicly and privately. The constitution we abide by gives everyone a chance to have a growing future to become what you truly want to become. Our nation gives us the chance to start from the bottom but climb to the top with the education they provide for us without question to your race or the amount of money you have. Susana Martinez, Governor of New Mexico, came from a border town living paycheck to paycheck because of her parents she believed that having courage, dedication and hard work could get you anywhere you possibly wanted to go. She made that happen, she proves that the “American Dream” is achievable.…show more content…
Our nation is definitely one of the freest countries compared to Russia, China, and Iraq. Women’s rights, for example, in the US compared to Iraq are dramatically different by the fact that our women can marry whoever the have the desire to be with the rest of the life and not being hung for not following their families orders. Women in Iraq, are to be covered to not show any skin to the public, in the US, women could wear what they prefer to wear according to how they feel. Talking about Iraq is not to show any disrespect towards them but to show how America is different. Ethnicity plays a major role in American
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