Are Athletes Paid Too Much? Essay

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My idea of the American dream would consist of three very important things, “Life, liberty, and the persuit of happiness”. To me these are the structure and base for my American dream. I believe people should stand up for themselves and be treated with respect so long as they treat others with respect. People should not be treated differently just because of race, or their beliefs, everyone is entitled to their own belief and every person should be treated with respect and be given the rights they deserve. When I talk about what it means to live I think of achieving everything I want to do. In my opinion most people don’t understand what it really means to live and to be grateful for what they have. Another aspect of my idea of the American dream is to be given the opportunity of education. Everyone deserves to have the right to learn regardless of race or beliefs. Instead of settling for the minimum education people should strive to further their education and be the best they can be, no matter what it is they are doing. Many Americans never accomplish what they want to do in life and my idea of fulfilling my American dream is to do exactly what I want to do and to be the best I can be. My idea of the American dream would be being treated equal no matter how different you are. I also believe Americans should fully understand their civil rights and never settle for less. After all this is America where someone with motivation and a dream can make all things come true. The American dream is made possible in America because our society allows us to advance. For example, if I want to get another job that pays more, nobody can tell me I cant. When I think of the American dream I picture myself doing what I want to do and being successful at it, I picture the freedom and the liberty, and overall just being happy. When I carry out my American dream I will have the freedom

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