D'souza's Becoming American

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Evan Cole March 6, 2012 English 101 Mr. Raines American Opportunities Dinesh D’Souza’s essay “Becoming American” notes three reasons why the American life style is sought after, better standard of living, social freedoms, and an egalitarian society. I agree, America is a land where people create their own destinies, a land where people make their own choices and have near limitless possibilities. D’Souza’s gives his views on how the Americans society is seen by other countries. D’Souza states that most American critics have an easy explanation for why the American idea of living is so captivating. It is simply the ability to make money. It is also commonly said that immigration into America is so appealing because of its opportunities to produce new social statuses. The majority of the time that there are reasons listed for attempts to migrate into the United States they are material reasons. D’Souza wrote “America represents “the bitch goddess of success.” That is why people reach out for the American Idea” (D’Souza 435). D’Souza acknowledges that while there are many materialistic gains to be made in the American society the desire for immigration and the commonly held views of America has a more prominent reason, the American dream is a dream based on freedom. It is not necessarily a literal freedom from oppression but a freedom of choice, a freedom to create one’s own destiny. D’Souza’s most powerful and agreeable argument is that the Americans simply have a better standard of living in comparison to most countries. In many countries throughout the world living conditions cannot be changed. No amount of hard work or experience can change something that you were born into. For example, in India the living conditions in the slums are abominable to say the least. All generations are experiencing mal-nutrition. Children are dying at rapid rates and as
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