My American Dream: Fame, Success, And Equality

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My American Dream: Fame, Success, & Equality Many people believe that the “American Dream” has become a goal and standard that we gage our lives on. This ambition in my thought is simple; to create a prosperous and happy life. The American Dream is my motivation to work hard, go to school, and stay on a good path in life. I want a life that I can earn opposed to being given, by rising above the struggles that life offers me. Normally our society doesn’t describe their ambition of desiring more money, less stress and a bigger house to achieve the American Dream. It is often a cliché that most do not often admit as their primary goal in life in order to achieve the American Dream. However, it is fundamentally something they want to accomplish in life. Personally, I feel as though with the high debt our society carries as a whole, to be able to live on an upper class. I must carry high hopes of success to accomplish a high rate of money to not have debt at any point. Mainly to strive to have a life that doesn’t involve the support of money from my parents. In hopes to have success to be able to have life become easier, or at least what I perceive would be easier.…show more content…
He works to become one highly respected in society to impress and gain back his love, Daisy. Throwing huge parties, having colleagues and friends over to his mansion to hangout and having out of the norm fancy dinner parties. This illustration clearly shows that people living the American Dream, which Jay Gatsby by society’s standard was, aren’t always the happiest or most pleasant. Jay Gatsby dies not a happy man and literally dies from trying to achieve what he perceived as the American Dream, regaining his true

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