Banner Health Case Study: Nursing Leadership And Management

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Banner Health Case Study Grand Canyon University Nursing Leadership and Management NRS-451 May 10, 2015 Banner Health Case Study Banner Health is a fast growing and developing healthcare organization that is truly taking the care needs of the citizens into consideration with everything they do within their business structure. In this case study it will be demonstrated how Banner Health addresses the health care needs of citizens for the future in the next decade. This case study will also discuss how network growth is planned for this company. Nurse staffing and issues with nursing shortages will also be reviewed. Banner Health resolves issues with resource management will also be examined. Patient satisfaction is always important…show more content…
As we know technology is taking over major industries across America including healthcare. With Banner iCare the remote presence technology allows physicians and nurses to observe patients in their rooms throughout numerous Banner Health facilities while monitoring their vital signs at a facility located on the Banner Desert campus ("Stretching Targets," 2009, p. 7). This iCare model provides an approach to patient care that contains redefined roles for care providers to maximize their core competencies, provide new care delivery and communication processes, and be effective with bedside and remote monitoring care ("Stretching Targets," 2009, p. 9). The technological advances through Banner Health is just one of many ways they plan to provide great patient care and top notch healthcare within the next…show more content…
Banner tries to do their best to provide many career options for nurses in order to try and deflect any issues with nursing shortages or staffing difficulties. For many years Banner Health has been known for being the cream of the crop in healthcare and a career advancement to there as a nurse is something nurses strive towards. This organization gives nurses many opportunities to advance and enhance their careers while working through Banner Health by providing continuing clinical education, tuition reimbursement, and scholarships or grants (Banner Health, 2015). Banner Good Samaritan Medical Center has been named one of the top 100 hospitals to work for by Nursing Professionals magazine ("Stretching Targets," 2009, p. 10). For Banner Health they have a unique vision for their nurses. It is that “Banner nurses are dedication to blending the art and science of nursing practice to create clinical and service excellence” ("2012 Nursing Division," 2012, p. 4). All in all nursing care is critical to providing excellent patient care and rendering positive patient

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