Assignment 306 Task D Essay

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ASSEIGNMENT 306 TASK D (D1) DESCRIBE THREE COMMON SIGN OR INDICATORSOF STRESS. (1) They may experience frequent headaches, migraines be unable to sleep. (2) Their personality may become affected they may exhibit behaviour that is not normal for the individual. (3) They may become quiet or withdraw. (D2) DESCRIBE TWO EXAMPLES OF CIRCUMSTANCES OR SITUATION THAT CAUSE YOU TO FEEL STRESS. (1) Work pressure if you are under a lot of pressure due to the shortage of staff can become Very stressed. (2) Interrupted sleep can cause stress due to you been tired. (D3) EVALUTE THE EFFECTIVENESS OF THREE DIFFERENT STRATEGIES FOR MANAGING STRESS. (1) Doing physical activity example going for a walk, gardening will help in some way. (2) Talking thing over example with a friend or your supervisor help to identify what the real issues are and how to deal with them. (3) Doing something to take your mind of the problem examples going to the cinema, reading, pampering yourself escaping from a problem come back with a clear head to tackle the issues. (D4) DESCRIBE THREE DIFFERENT TYPES OF ACCIDENTS OR SUDDEN ILLNESES THAT MAY OCCUR IN A SOCIAL CARE SETTING. (1) Sickness & Diarrhoea (2) Burns and Scalds. (3) Fractures ands Suspected Fractures. (D5) EXPLAIN THE PROCEDURE TO BE FOLLOWEDIN THE EVENT OF AN ACCIDENT OR SUDDEN ILLNESS. (1) Get help as soon as possible example emergency services apply first aid training only if you got it. Make sure the client is as comfortable as can be staff should also protect themself complete accidents or sickness illness form log information in client file and inform seniority/manager of the incident. (D6) EXPLAIN WHY IT IS IMPORTANT TO ACCESS HEALTH AND SAFETY RISKS. (1) Its is important in order to protect the health and safety of both

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