Assignment 1: The Case For Open Immigration

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The Case for Open Immigration 1. There should be a “greater freedom of movement.” a. Immigration must be thoroughly understood before analyzing ways to change the nations security policies. b. The numerous problems with immigration need to be addressed. 2. The Problem of Immigration in the Modern world a. Many individuals travel the world without making permanent residency. b. Many travel with intent to remain in the country they visit, but this is not easily achieved. c. States worry about security, challenge of authority, cultural background, and cost. d. States focus on the costs immigrants will bring instead of the benefits. e. The benefits of immigration depend on the types of individuals who are immigrating. f. Welfare states are against…show more content…
Denying entry is also denying the freedom to sell goods and services and to communicate and associate with other individuals in the nation. f. The principle of humanity states that individuals in poverty and in attempt to better their lives are being restricted against their rights as a human being. g. By immigrating individuals are trying to make a better life for themselves and they should not be turned away because they are helping themselves and not requesting help from others, according to the principle of humanity. 4. Economic Arguments Against Open Borders a. Immigration can change the balance of the nations economy and push wages down significantly. b. The costs of welfare, healthcare, education, travel systems, and public parks might rise. c. Migrants may take jobs of current citizens, putting numerous individuals out of work. d. Immigrants will bring ideas and products to the states, causing a benefit to the nation. e. Cheap labor will be much more easily accessible, but the individuals put out of work will be dissatisfied. f. It should be questioned why local citizens should have the right to jobs and markets before

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