Artificial Sweeteners Essay

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Artificial sugars good or bad? The use of artificial sweeteners has both positive and negative effects on your body, some learn the hard way while others catch on before its to late. My mom got lucky that her thyroid doctor had warned her about the artificial sweeteners messing with her thyroids. After finding this out she spread the word like wild fire. My family and I did countless hours of research on other effects of artificial sweeteners, we found it “(causes) cancer of the bladder, uterus, ovaries, skin, and other organs” (WebMD). To my family this was a big deal, we did not wanna lose my mom knowing we could have prevented it, so we committed to not only saving our own lives but warning others of the possible effects. Although the negative effects of artificial sweeteners are scary there is also an advantage, it can help people lose weight. This is due to the fact that “sugar substitutes dont count as a carbohydrate, a fat or any other exchange” (WebMD). Even though this sounds glorious, especially to those individuals who have diabetes or are obese that must control the amount of sugar or carbs they consume. Which is because “they pass through our systems without being digested so they provide no extra calories” (ADA). Unfortunately the risk is not necessarily worth the reward, cancer is not the only side effect of these artificial sweeteners some include but are not limited to “migraines, insomnia, change in heart rate, depression, memory loss, seizure, brain cancer” (mercola). Even though foods and beverages may say sugar-free this does not always mean that they are healthy or not fattening because the carbs and other ingredients can be just as fattening as sugar. Even though we may feel like we can fool our bodies into thinking that the artificial sugars are real “our brain knows when it needs sugar and cant be fooled... even if it is sweeter than
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