Summary Of The Public Policy Case For Taxes On Sugared Beverage Beverages

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Professor Jones English 1301 9 September 2012 In their article, “Ounces of prevention—The Public Policy Case for Taxes on Sugared Beverages”, Kelly Brownell and Thomas Frieden argue that since excess consumption of unhealthy foods and beverages are the underlying cause of death, food taxes at the local, state, and national levels are likely to remain part of political and public health discourse. Since sugared-sweetened beverages are becoming increasingly affordable, children and adolescents are more likely to consume them, thus leading them to obesity and /or diabetes at a young age. In the past ten years, it has been discovered that the likelihood of a child or adolescent becoming obese from just one extra can or glass of a sugared beverage…show more content…
I believe whole-heartedly that government intervention as well as taxation should be justified when these industries are not providing optimal amount of a good for society’s well-being. When a tax is put on someone’s favorite soda, they are either going to buy a similar drink that is untaxed or not buy the drink at all. Typically, the body does not account for liquid calories as much as it does food calories, therefore making it easier to drink more sugared drinks. Usually people do not to feel full from a sugary drink, which makes it less likely to buy foods that will replace the taxed beverage. They would be more likely to drink one or two more cans of soda rather than eating a snack or a full meal. Of course people need food to survive, but the extra calories they consume with sugar-sweetened beverages are not essential to a healthy lifestyle. In the past, taxes on tobacco have been extremely effective in reducing consumption. The goal with the soda tax is it could produce the same results. I feel as though the parents of today’s generation do not have as much of an impact on their children like they used too. There are more in and out of school activities that keep students away from home, leading to carelessness

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