Joan Rivers’ Cure: Will Plastic Surgery Make You Happier?

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Header is ½ inch from the top Joan River’s Cure 1 Matthias Eichmann ENG 101 P.M. Gabler, Instructor October 20, 2009 Joan Rivers’ Cure: Will Plastic Surgery Make You Happier? John Cloud (2009)develop a title from your thesis/do not use the title of the article In her new book titled Men Are Stupid…….. And They Like Big Boobs,no quotation marks Joan Rivers writes about the medical details, cost and complications of cosmetic surgery and procedures, nearly all of which she has undergone herself. She also promoted in the New York Timesitalics and on NPR her view that women should have as many cosmetic procedures as they can afford. Rivers believes,“Looking good equals feeling good”(as cited in Cloud, 2009). However, plastic surgery can be a good thing for people who really have a medical reason to undergo those procedures. Changing one’s appearance based on society’s pressure is not necessary. Transition, connect this paragraph’s support to the thesis=topic sentence People, who undergo cosmetic procedures just because they think they have to,becauseother people had it done and because they think they have to keep up, are most likely not satisfied with the outcome. Cloud (2009) puts this statement to the test by saying that cosmetic surgery does not always make the person feel better. His article also points out that through different studies concluded in different countries, that women who get breast implants commit suicide at a much higher rate than women without those procedures, even so you(can’t use “you”) could say that women who undergo those procedures are already depressed to a certain level before the procedure. He states that only 3% to 14% of women who have breast reductions are unsatisfied afterwards, but for many other procedures the results are mixed. Cloud (2009) compares people who had face lift procedures done by age and

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