Solarium Tanning Case Study

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The issue at hand is related to the banning of solariums in the state of NSW. Although it has been decided that solariums will be banned no matter what, the liberal party of NSW has postponed the ban until the end of 2014. The liberals argue that the delay is to give the tanning salons time to adjust into a more profitable business. The greens however have stated that the 3 year wait may involve between 30-43 deaths, which is why the ban should be immediate. And I too believe this to be the correct choice. There are many factors to consider regarding this topic, but the ones that I will be addressing are the drastic and deadly risks of tanning and its impacts, the cases of a few avid supporters for who you may sympathise and lastly, I counter…show more content…
As he has said "My diagnosis was a bad thing (he had stage 3 melanoma) but it was also a good thing, because we can save lives." He no longer has his job as a truck driver but has devoted his life to spreading the word about skin cancer. Now that the ban has been mentioned he "would like to think Clare Oliver is looking down from heaven with a smile on her face." The banning of solariums will have an impact on many people, therefore why are we still waiting till 2014? The smart choice would be to simply ban them immediately. What reason would there be to delay the banning of something that is a group 1…show more content…
do we have our priorities in the correct order? Since when was finance of greater importance than the lives of many? As long as we let these businesses continue to expose deadly Ultra Violet radiation on the members of the public, we can be sure some people will suffer from melanoma. We must not allow any delay in one of the only plausible methods of reducing melanoma because think about it; other causes of melanoma would be the beach which obviously cannot be banned. The sooner we initiate the ban, the sooner lives are saved. As Clare Oliver said on her advertisement to raise awareness, if she had a choice, she "would have chosen to

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