Summary Of Glory Enough For All

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Glory Enough for All focuses on the research leading to the development of insulin in the 1920s by Frederick Banting who, fresh out of World War One, virtually stumbles onto the insulin theory whe he was preparing for a lecture on the pancreas. With his loyal assistant Best, Banting spends a hot and uncomfortable summer in his lab, attempting to put his notions concerning pancreatic secretions to practical use. The intense rivalry between the scientists provides the dramatic thrust of what might have been a pedantic recitation of statistics and historical facts. Dr. Frederick Banting and science student Charles Best are granted permission by James Macleod, a Professor of Physiology at the University of Toronto, to conduct experiments on the pancreas. Macleod then assigns biochemist James Collip to assist them on developing a viable serum, an extract named insulin.…show more content…
With out him they might have never get this experiments to an end and we might have never had the insulin that saved so many lives in the past and continuously do so. Despite professional rivalry and personality conflicts, they showed that the missing factor in diabetic patients is in the islets of Langerhans and that a material can be extracted and purified from the islets that greatly extends the life of type I diabetic patients. A key player in their success was the new methodology of sugar analysis using small volumes of blood, which made frequent determinations possible in small animals and
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