The Danger Of Pesticides

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Pesticides play a crucial role in ensuring the quality of the United States food supply-but the potential for pesticides to cause harm to human and the environment has required the creation of number of regulations. A pesticide is a substance or combination of substances that is used to kill all different sorts of plants, animals and insects that fight with humans for food, spread disease, destroy property or agriculture. There are two types of pesticides, biological and chemical. Biological pesticides can be developed using fungi, bacteria and other organic substances and these usually aren't toxic to humans or animals. The type of pesticide that can affect our environment and health are the chemical pesticides. Even though it has been proven dangerous by scientists the government still allows the use of harmful chemicals on many of the foods we eat. The full health risks associated with pesticides are unknown and most pesticides have never been thoroughly studied for their possible long-term health effects on humans. Everyday humans, plants and animals are exposed to a number of different pesticides, which are harmful to their health. Constant exposure can seriously endanger their physical and mental health. The use of harmful pesticides on our food causes great concern among the medical community and because of this people are becoming more aware of pesticides potential danger. A. Swenson and S. Bushhouse, co-authors of "Childhood Cancer Incidence and Trends in Minnesota, 1988-1994", both state, “all cancers combined increased an average of 1% per year and brain cancer increased 2% per year.” They also go one to say in their book that “In teens aged 15-19 between 1973 and 1995, cancer incidence rose for the following: non-Hodgkin's lymphoma 128%, testicular cancer 65%, ovarian cancer 78% and all cancers combined 24%.” This disturbing research is revealing more

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