Argumentative Essay On Concealed Weapons

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Matt Rivera Mrs. Watjen English 1102 6 May, 2015 Research Assignment In the United States all fifty states allow citizens to carry concealed weapons, but what about having teachers carry a concealed weapon on school grounds in campuses and universities? This is an issue that continues to create many policies and restrictions throughout every state. Teachers should be allowed to carry a concealed weapon just like they can outside of the campus and universities. Especially due to all of the terrible tragedies that continue to happen in our society today with killings on school grounds. Teachers are not only getting paid to educate the student body, but also to be a half day parent. Having a concealed weapon on campus, as well as training…show more content…
Teaching and protecting special needs children is her livelihood and considers these children as her own. Teacher Hansens perspective is taken for granted, and we want all our teachers to protect our children but the big picture is we can harm our youth as well. It is of utmost importance that the administrators of these schools be informed of which teachers or other staff members are carrying a firearm on the grounds. Policies procedures and proper training need to be in place at these states that allow teachers to carry firearms. Communication is so crucial to prevent any future tragedies on school…show more content…
They feel that these policies will help in keeping their schools safe and it really has for years. Even with the effort our country makes in gun free policy litigation and legislation is being forced on our colleges and universities to allow concealed firearms on campus. "The states allowing for concealed firearms are Utah, Colorado, Arkansas, Idaho, Mississippi, Oregon, Kansas and Wisconsin" (Armed Campuses). Statistics show a high percentage of violent crimes are done off school grounds. Parents and students are the voices to keep the firearms off campus we need to be heard and tell our

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