Argumentative Assay: Vehicle Has Had a Greater Impact on Men Life

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Vehicle has had a greater impact on men life No one invention has had a greater impact on men culture than the automobile. Yet 200 years ago, no one would have thought how much change a person's life with the invention of the auto. The main reason for creating automobile associated with the time, or rather the lack of time. After all, 200 years ago, the main means of transportation and communication served horses. But with the growth of social and economic development, horses could no longer meet all the growing needs of man. Time to man became increasingly valuable tool around which life was in full swing. Life becomes more rapid. Thus, with the invention of automobile, people have learned to save their time. In addition, with appearance of the car, it began to change and the environment, for example, roads started to be paved, and with new roads started to appear new profession that watching over these roads, later appeared traffic lights, gas stations, parking lots, etc. Thus, with the advent of the vehicle began to develop adjacent to the car industry, which gave people new jobs. With the development of business began to appear new types of services such as taxis. Nobody was expecting that someday people will be able to have only one call phone and taxi straight comes to the house where person lives and go where he pleases. Thus, the car made man life more comfortable. However, with population growth and human well-being it began of new problems. The number of automobile grew rapidly and as a result we have traffic jams. Besides, the growth of number of automobiles made environment become more and more polluted. Therefore humanity is not standing still and looking for ways to solve this problem, as to refuse of the automobile completely would not be quite prudent in view of the above advantages. In this regard, developing new types of vehicle, that cause

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