Case Study: House Project, Part I

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House Project, Part I Instructions: This is the first part of a course-long project. Show all work for each section. Any paragraphs should be typed and written in complete sentences. Use Times New Roman, 12-point font and double space. Cite any resource(s) you use – click the course research guide for helpful information on APA formatting. Part I: Career & Budget (35 points) Go to (for career information) Career Information, Education, Descriptions & Job Search Resources Welcome to Choose the career you want to pursue, and we'll find the best program to get you started. 1. Find a job you could obtain with the degree you are pursuing by clicking on the links…show more content…
Hybrid cars are an example of this field will be affected by both of these. The culture is changing and as society becomes more environmentally conscious they are asking for cars with lower and lower emissions, and the technology is different from conventional internal combustion engines. An example of the technology standpoint, automobiles are constantly changing what technologies are used. In the past ten years alone power steering assist has switched from a hydraulic system to an electrical one and throttle control, which was controlled by mechanical linkage, is also utilizing an electrical system. From a cultural standpoint manufacturers are constantly trying new things to keep up with the emerging trends. A lot of new domestic cars now come equipped with a touch screen console that houses the stereo as well as other…show more content…
They say you should have enough money put aside to live off of for 6 months. In today’s economy that is almost impossible but I would like have some “just in case” money. d. Which areas/categories cannot be adjusted in any way, regardless of the funds available? Explain. Write a minimum of two complete sentences to support your answer. (4 pts.) The areas that cannot be adjusted are housing, healthcare, insurance/pension, and education. These are areas where the cost is exactly what the cost is. You cannot tell your landlord that you are only going to pay 70% of rent this month because housing cost is not negotiable. The same is true with healthcare and education. Insurance and pension can be adjusted but it takes a lot of paperwork and most time you have to wait for the enrollment period to adjust the insurance. References (2013) Automotive Service and Mechanic Salary, Earnings and Wage Information. Retrieved from Erhard BMW of Bloomfield hills (2013) Automotive Technician – MICHIGAN

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