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GIFT EZEIGBO UNSKILLED BUT SUCCESSFUL The reading “NICKEL AND DIMED”, in pages 395-426 of the book “75 reading across the curriculum”, Barbara Ehrenreich was successful as an unskilled worker because she was able to adapt to the environment and maintain herself economically. She was able to learn new skills, she was able to spend less due to her low income. At first, she got a job at HEARTHSIDE( a family restaurant) where she worked as a waitress. She was able to get along with her co- workers, she was able to satisfy her customers and she tried as much as she can to impress the management, although there were challenges but she was focused and she tried to be faithful with whatever she does. Barbara undergo some training in her…show more content…
She worked hand in hand with the co-workers. she made friends, over time, with the other girls who work my shift. “we sit down on the edge of a bed and giggle for a moment as if this was a pajama party instead of a terminally dead-end job”(75 reading across the curriculum, pages 395-426, paragraph 57). They form a reliable mutual supporting group whereby if any of them feels sick or overwhelmed, someone will help “bev” a table or help her carry trays or if someone is off sneaking a cigarette or a pee, the others will do their best to conceal her absence. Barbara was able to maintain herself economically. She tried to spend less so that she will have enough money for her house rent, gas and food. She bought no clothing except for the required slacks. She made the decision to move close to where she works due to the amount spent on gas daily. “in a month, I earned approximately $1040 and spent $517 on food, gas, toiletries, laundry, phone, and utilities”( 75 reading across the curriculum, pages 395-426, paragraph 65). Although she has low wages but she still had some money at the end of the month. Conclusively, Barbara was successful, she cooperated with her co-workers, she

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