Ethical Problem in the Workplace

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As I became the proper age to apply for jobs, my parents gave me extremely well advice to not work for family or friends. This advice has stayed with me throughout the years. After working at my current job, I can now understand why. My first job I had was at a retail store which was about half an hour from where I lived. I would have to leave about an hour before my shift started just in case there was any traffic. The drive was exhausting, but I made that drive for two years, making a little more than minimum wage. I felt as if I was living paycheck to paycheck and all my money was going towards my car for my payment, insurance and gas. It was time to look for a new job. At this time, my best friend was quitting her job at an in-home daycare in which my aunt owned and operated. I call this woman my aunt since she and her husband have been really good friends with my father since I could remember. My best friend had found another job so she asked me to take her place as a day-care assistant. I figured if I took her place, it would be a great experience and it would look good on my resume. I have always wanted to have a job where kids were involved. My dream job is to be a teacher, so when this opportunity arise, I could not help but take it. I also thought that working with my aunt would be so splendid and working with her daycare kids was going to be remarkable, but I was so wrong. I started working there right away after I quit my job. I took a major pay cut, but I was much closer to home so I would save so a great deal of money on gas alone. I started working five days a week, ten hour days. I was making a good amount of money and was able to pay off some credit cards and save some money as well. I finally felt financially stable. I was oblivious that this would not last much longer. It had only been a week of my employment that I

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