Rowe Program At Best Buy Essay

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. Describe the culture of Best Buy. As most businesses, the culture of Best Buy “meets the demands of it’s business, which is how to do things, better, faster and cheaper than its competitors.” # Prior to ROWE, long hours and sacrifice to work solutions was well rewarded and the employee’s health concern was dealt with by health insurance and hospital stays. (as seen in the story of Darrel Owens, who stayed up three days straight working on a project and ended up in the hospital...but he got a bonus and a vacation!)# Women were hired with part time hours but usually worked full time hours for the flexibility of dealing with family and work. 2. Discuss the approach to organizational change that the ROWE program illustrates. The acronym ROWE means “Result only Work Environment.” In 2003, it started at Best Buy’s Minneapolis’ Headquarters and six years later was introduced to it retail employees. There are thirteen principles and rules but an employee can work what hours they’d like (as long as scheduled time is covered), where they like (home or office) and the end result is the same - a satisfactory, if not over-and above, work solution to the benefit of the employee, the consumer, and the employer. The results are positive: turnover has declined, employees like what they do and how they do it by being able to schedule their life and their job in sequence with each other; the ability to be flexible by they themselves handling when to work and when to “play” has built their esteem and their loyalty to Best Buy. 3. Discuss the resistance, both organization and individual, that the ROWE program had to overcome. People are creatures of habit.# We live by schedules and by time frames. We have hundreds of habits! At first there was trepidation by people whose habits were to punch in their time clocks and let the team know where they were and

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