Group Observation: Bellevue College

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Our group took a very collaborative approach. All of our thoughts and ideas were taken into account and put down on paper. We first looked at the circumstances that we were in and where the two kids could go during the day while the parents were working. (We can mention about we plan to take the 3-year-old child to child care in BC) After that we could get started on the other major budget issues like housing, school, and food then decided what needed to come next. When we first started we neglected to take all of the prompts in to consideration and forgot that one of the parents goes to Bellevue College. (Great summary of process) We simply tried to find the cheapest housing in the Seattle-Tacoma area and found an apartment for very cheap down in Tacoma, about 50 miles from Bellevue. We then had to restart and find a whole new place to live that was closer to Bellevue College because of very limited transportation. However, we then had to spend more money to live closer to Bellevue. Luckily we found and met the requirements of Section 8 housing so…show more content…
After paying all the monthly bills and payments, there is not much money left for a family to do something else. But fortunately, they living in U.S and the government could give them a hand. There are several policies and financial aids are specially designed for these family. The family, which meets the government’s requirement, could gain discount or financial aids almost from all aspect of life: housing, insurance, food, education, etc. (Wenxuan

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