Direction by Maya Angelou

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DIRECTIONS By: Maya Angelou During 1903 Mrs. Annie Johnson of Arkansan found herself with her two sons. She was not rich and had a low level of education. It was a burden for her that she was black. She and her husband were not happy with their marriage; so they decided to separate, while Mr. Johnson wanted to go to Enid, Oklahoma and took all the money. Annie doesn’t want to work as a domestic because she doesn’t wanted to leave her children. She was planning to change her life that she used to, and start a new one. Due to her determination, she worked secretly, by trying if she was ready. Before sleeping at the same day, she cooked some food. The following day she left the house with the food that she cooked and stuff the she prepared. In addition, Most of the workers brought their lunches, but they were interested, when Annie offered them of her homemade food. Although her business was slow at first, she did not give up and still continued with her grit to succeed. She sold her pastries by selling form one factory to another factory. After few years, when she was confident that her costumer was reliant to her, she doesn’t walk anymore; instead, she built a stall in the middle of the two factories and let them ran to buy their lunch. As a result of her hard work, the stall became store which she can sell more goods. Every time we feel that we were unsuccessful we have the chance to change our mind set and start another one. We should be open and willing to take challenges that will come to

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