Ethical Egoism and Social Contract Theory

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Ethical Egoism and Social Contract Theory By Juile Yeung During the Spring Festival, large and small urban roads are blocked crowded, if a tourist attraction or a bustling city, the problem of traffic congestion is more serious, usually half an hour drive by car, but now, it takes a couple of hours, If you do not the big issue is governance, the future development of Chinese cities, is bound to be subject to traffic chaos. As we knew, the population in China is huge. So basically the transportation in China is kind of massy up. China's large population, the total amount of car ownership is also rapid growth. China's big cities, the increase of population and vehicles, are one of the reasons that led to the traffic congestion. With the further prosperity of the economy, the price of the car is also cheaper, low threshold for the purchase of vehicles, people have more vehicles, and the pressure of the road also causes vehicle increase. Driving (including public transport vehicles) do not obey the traffic rules, and some people mess running red lights, ignore traffic rules, as the red light furnishings, some car parking chaos in the already wide road, leading to traffic jams sometimes appear slightly touch the car, each side will accuse each other, ignoring the problem because they caused traffic jams, traffic problems because a small quarrel, alarm. Sometimes, the insurance company and the police after receiving the alarm, and then rushed over to deal with, they have more than half an hour. Also many cases because such a small accident caused traffic jams. Above all, those are the reasons why the driving licenses are so difficult to get them in China. On the other hand, China is not the country really strict to the law. So some driving schools start to get benefit from their students. The driving coaches will treat the students who gave them benefit before,

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