Why Is Prohibition Bad Than Good

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I feel that prohibition was unnecessary and did more bad than good. Prohibition actually increased the amount of alcohol in some places. It also led to more substance related deaths. Another downside to prohibition was that law enforcement officers became so worried about alcohol consumption that much unneeded time and money was spent on the issue. Since the officers were focusing mainly on the alcohol issue the crime rate increased. These and other factors cause problems for the country and had no upside. Studies show that from 1910 to 1925 arrests increased from 82,000 to 137,000. People typically tend to be prone to doing things that they know they are not supposed to do, just to test the law and see if they can get away with it and prohibition was no exception. People began to make their own alcohol…show more content…
The automobile allowed people to get from point A to point B in half the time. They also were easier to operate than a horse, requiring less attention and maintenance and were available at an affordable cost. Automobiles however did negatively affect the country. They caused family time to begin to dwindle except for the occasional “Sunday” drive. Another negative thing they affected was the pollution of the environment. Cars gave people the freedom to go where they needed to be and to get things done. They also helped develop new jobs. Cars were the beginning of assembly line jobs which provided a job for many people during this time. Second of the three economic and technological developments I mentioned is the refrigerator. Fridges allowed people to save much money. For once people could buy food in surplus and not lose money on spoiled or bad foods. Fridges also helped lower the chances of food poisoning saving Americans money on doctor visits. It also helped eliminate leftover and waste. The money you saved from owning a fridge could then be used in your car for gas so that the process could

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