Hybrid vs Gas

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Hybrid vs. Gas In today's fast paced modern world it seems as if the choice between hybrid and gasoline vehicles has become quite the decision to make. Hybrid vehicles can have a huge impact on your decision, just by looking through the economic benefits and cost efficiency. Hybrids have been around forever, but have recently exploded due to the dramatic increase in oil prices. Hybrids are also completely eco-friendly, and are proven to be cost saving in the long run. Hybrids have become very popular and more and more people are converting to them each day. Though the hybrids name, and sales rates are growing, there is always much controversy over the cost and maintenance on the hybrid vehicles. Aside from the controversy and opinions, even though hybrid vehicles have a slightly higher purchasing and maintenance cost, they are still much more efficient and will be cheaper on the owner throughout the vehicles life expectancy. The hybrid has made a name for itself, and when buying a new car, why not get one that will benefit for you most? The problem some people face though when looking for new vehicles is the fact that they don’t know much about the hybrid or electric vehicle, and they will pass by them without any knowledge of what they are. Well there are four types of hybrid vehicle, each with a few different details. These vehicles include your main hybrid, which either use their electric motors As an assist for the gas engine, or allow bursts of electric-only driving. These vehicles would include the Toyota Prius, and the Ford Fusion Hybrid (Motavalli 6). Another hybrid vehicle would be the plug in hybrid, which acts like an electric car for the first 15-20 miles, but then switches to an onboard internal-combustion engine that acts like a generator by charging the car (Motavalli). Next, the battery electric hybrid, operate on electric motors

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