How To Write An Essay On Henry Ford's America

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Dominique Kraushaar Chappell HST 203 4-23-11 Essay #1: Question 1 In what respects was the United States in the 1920s “Henry Ford’s America,” and how, how much, and why did that change during the 1930s? Big Business was one of the main principles during the time of the 1920’s. In 1923 president Calvin Coolidge stated, “The chief business of the American people, is business.” The 1920’s was a very significant time for America. It was known as the Roaring Twenties or The Jazz Age. Henry Ford, the leading businessman at the time, introduced the revolutionary moving assembly line in his factory called River Rouge located in Detroit, Michigan. When people think of the 1920’s, they think of Henry Ford and how the economy boomed because of his company and the jobs it provided. Henry Ford symbolized the new industrialized America. However, as time went on the country took a turn for the worse and eventually was in a permanent state of…show more content…
Henry Ford was very famous for promoting this wonderful commodity that represented a new kind of freedom. It was a symbol of the American Dream, and everyone was striving to have the new product. “The automobile was the backbone of economic growth.” The first real automobile appeared in Middletown in 1900; however, it wasn’t until Henry Ford came around and created a mass production of automobiles that the machine that would provide easy travel would become popular. Although the automobile created such a wonderful freedom, many adults thought that it was tearing families apart. Teenagers were spending more time with their friends driving around instead of staying at home with their family. However, today people are so reliant on their cars to go to school, go to work, pick up their children, go on vacations, etc. If Henry Ford hadn’t started the mass production of automobiles, many would not be where they are
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