Argumentative Essay: Why They Are Better Than Trucks

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Villa, Gerardo English 110b Essay 2 Mr. Skaggs TTH @ 1:00PM 4/29/2014 Trucks compared to Cars When you compare trucks to cars, I strongly believe that trucks are better. The reason why I think trucks are better is because trucks have more room and can be used more. I also believe that trucks can be lot safer then cars now days. A few things that these two have in common are maintenance, prize of gas. Trucks are better because they have more room. A truck has a lot of room inside and as well as outside it depends on what kind of truck you get. Many trucks now have many hidden compartments where you can put tools always and such things like that. Having a truck is a big relieves and you don’t have to worry about having something…show more content…
When you hear about a collation and a car and truck where involved and you see pictures the car is in really bad condition and the truck only has a minor problem. I feel a lot safer in a truck because it’s also a lot bigger than a car. A car rides low and on a freeway you never know what can happen. Diesel drivers are a lot crazier than ever now days. They don’t care, All they want to do is get there load from point A to point B. They just want to get paid. It would be easier for a truck driver not to see a small car and run them over. A miner hit to any small car can be totaled. Trucks are better than cars. Cars do have advantage. You get more gas mileage on a car then on a truck. With gas being so expensive, one day everyone would like to find a ways to save money. People struggle to fill up there tanks in a truck the reason why is because of gas prizes coming to their highest. Trucks have bigger engines which use a lot more gas then cars. Also these two have maintenance in common. Weather if you have a car or truck they will both get you to where you want to go regardless of gas prizes. Of course you are a lot saver in a truck then a

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