Argument Essay On Sex Ed In Schools

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Abbie Beck ENC 1101 Dickson November 20, 2008 Argument Essay The Birds and the Bees Is it more beneficial for children to be cognizant or imbecilic on the subject of sexual matters? This controversial issue is one that our country has been debating for many years, but recently, more people are beginning to become opinionated on the subject. Many adults believe that the education of sexual matters should be taught only at home. Perhaps society should be grateful that parents are even talking to their children about sexual matters, but parents are ordinarily biased when it comes to their own children. Without being educated on the subject by non-biased adults, then there is a chance that the children will not receive all the information they need to make mature decisions. However, teaching sexual education in only schools will not educate the students on the morals and religious beliefs their family has. The best solution to this issue is for sexual education to be taught in both homes and schools so the children will be able to learn all the aspects and consequences that come along with making the life-changing decision of having sex. In a perfect world, children will wait until marriage and be in love when they have sex for the first time. In a perfect world, every parent would pass on the knowledge they need to conduct safe and happy sex lives. Unfortunately, this is not a perfect world and the sooner parents realize this, the better. Since sex is a confidential subject, some parents believe that the subject should be taught solely in the home. They believe that schools should not be teaching subjects involving sex because it may conflict with their own values, and some parents do not want schools promoting sex at all. According to Mindy Craver, an educator from Planned Parenthood, parents are the prime educators for their children when it involves sex.
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