Prevention of Teen Pregnancy: the Benefits of Sexual Education Programs

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Prevention of Teen Pregnancy: The Benefits of Sexual Education Programs In the United States, the rate of teen pregnancy continues to remain the highest in the developed world with approximately 26.6 births for every 1,000 adolescent females between the ages of 15-19 this past year. This totals to an unfavorable measure of 274,641 infants born to young women in this stage of life. Although prevention programs continue to grow and become more available throughout the states each year, their approach to influencing minors is questionable. Most engage in an abstinence-only education and believe that having teens refrain themselves from sexual intercourse is the only way to put a stop to unwanted pregnancies. Practicing abstinence may be the most utterly method for minimizing this rate, but it’s an irrational method. It would not educate them on the life changing risks correlated with sexual intercourse. Providing a clear and precise curriculum in sex education focussed on career goals, sexually transmitted diseases, healthy relationships, the results of being a young parent, and facts on contraceptives would be most beneficial. Educating minors on how sexual activity at a young age can drastically change their lives would greatly impact the reduction of teen pregnancy. Teen pregnancy proceeds as a major issue with more than half of all teenagers in the United States stating that they had participated in sexual intercourse at least one point before high school ended. For these reasons, its highly probably for teen pregnancy to happen when one becomes sexually active at a young age and don’t realize the consequences. Teen mothers whom 2 doubtlessly received the proper education are “less likely to complete high school, tend to earn less and are disproportionately poor. About 50 percent of all teen mothers are on welfare within one year of the birth of their first

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